Atlas ® CC
The power of clove

The Atlas ® CC is an advanced clove cutter with a guillotine-like cutting action, leading to superior cut quality and savings in cloves. Following ITM’s simple design philosophy, Atlas ® CC is a modular machine easy to access and maintain. The working principle is based upon the gentle treatment of the material. For this purpose, the holding force in the mouthpiece has been significantly reduced, brass chains have been eliminated and the guillotine like cutting action is used. This results in less pull-outs and an optimized cutting process, leading to at least 5% clove savings in the cigarettes, without any change to the taste.

Technical Data
Throughput    500 - 5 500 kg/h
Standard cutting range    0,1 - 1,0 mm
Knife drum diameter    1 000 mm
Knife drum speed    100 - 450 rpm
Mouthpiece width    500 mm
Mouthpiece opening range    65 - 110 mm
Mouthpiece holding force    25 - 40 kN
Maximum number of knives    16