Launching new technologies to create multi-segment filters

In the past decades, filters have become the main components of cigarettes. The quality and composition of cigarette filters is of great importance to the characteristics of smoking. The best cigarettes can be ruined by low-quality filters. ITM has been producing filter makers for decades. Up to a few years ago, these were mono filters created from acetate. With the introduction of new materials (such as paper and charcoal), and advanced options (such as recess and cavity filters), new technology was required to create multi-segment filters.

ITM has worked together with main players in the global tobacco market to develop innovative products for filter making and filter combining. This has completed the portfolio of filter-related machinery. Today, ITM can deliver full production lines for any type of filter. These production lines include filter making (using acetate or charcoal acetate), filter curing and buffering, filter shooting and multi-segment filter combining, reaching production speeds of up to 500 m/min.

ITM strives to support its customers in their efforts to optimize their filter production. In the "Filter Technology Centre", a dedicated test and demonstration site in Poland, filter products can be thoroughly and discretely tested before being taken into production, or even before the production lines are built.