GD rebuilt packing lines
The art of experience

ITM's GD rebuilt program enables you to extend the lifetime of your GD machinery. ITM can also deliver complete lines in case you do not have any donor machinery available. Besides ITM's well known rebuild standard the machines will be equipped with upgrades enabling you to produce according to todays quality requirements.

some of our upgrades:

  • vacuum film transport
  • adjustable vacuum turret
  • tear tape un-winder with Siemens servo drive
  • modular hopper
  • optical soft end detection
  • vacuum foil transport, without acceleration group


  • Siemens S7 PLC
  • Siemens Industrial PC


  • (filter) cigarettes, from King Size to Super Slims
  • cigarillos
  • filter sticks

Packing styles:

  • square corner pack
  • beveled edge pack
  • round corner pack
  • D-shape pack
  • other styles on request

Other marketing tools

  • coupon inserter
  • print registered inner frame
  • any type of inner liner, embossed or non embossed
  • printed polypropylene
  • printed tear tape

Technical Data
Output    360 - 420 packs/min
Cigarettes per pack    10's to 30's*
Cigarette length    69 - 120 mm*
Cigarette diameter    5.4 - 9 mm*
*other specifications on request