ITMGroup: A leading innovator with a passion to serve

ITMGroup has a long history of being an innovative and reliable global provider of machinery for the tobacco, detergent and other industries. Today, the ITMGroup has broadened its scope with product development and performance enhancing services.  The group consists of production sites in six countries and regional sales offices and service centers worldwide.

Leading innovator

At ITMGroup we strongly believe in the creativity and entrepreneurism of our employees. Their knowledge, technical skills and market orientation give us the advantage to be the leading innovator for our customers. Together with our customers, we find solutions to optimize production processes and respond to the changing demands of the market. In cooperation with some of the main players in the industries, we have developed innovative technologies for harm reduction in tobacco products, flexibilization of the production process and traceability of quality.

Passion to serve

As a family company we strive for long-term relations. Investing in our machine platforms means you can rely on our unlimited effort to keep this platforms perform at the highest level. We keep improving our machines and our worldwide service centers deliver services and maintenance on the level you require.