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Hard box Hinge Lid Packer

The ITM HLP 250 produces up to 250 packs/min.


  • (filter) cigarettes, from King Size to Super Slims
  • cigarillos
  • filter sticks
  • combination of RYO tobacco pouche, booklet of paper, filter sticks

Packing styles:

  • square corner pack
  • beveled edge pack
  • round corner pack
  • D-shape pack
  • single bundle, double bundle (simetrical. a-symetrical)
  • and any other pack you can think of.

Other marketing tools

  • coupon inserter
  • print registered inner frame
  • embossed inner frame
  • any type of inner liner, embossed or non embossed

Combining the machines flexibility with ITM's superior technical expertise provides the ideal platform for special packaging solutions.

Technical Data
Output    up to 250 packs/min
Product    Cigarettes/cigarillos*
length    69 - 100 mm*
Diameter    5.4 - 8,2 mm*
Cigarette collation    2 rows, 10 to 20 cigarettes*
-    3 rows, 16 to 25 cigarettes*
Inner liner    any type
* Other specifications on request