ITM Pyxis
Packing versatility & Control

ITM shoulder box packer

The ITM PYXIS packs up to 120 boxes/min.


  • (filter) cigarettes, from King Size to Super Slims
  • cigarillos

Packing styles:

  • cardboard shoulder boxes
  • tins
  • plastic boxes
  • your box.............

Other marketing tools

  • coupon inserter
  • any type of inner liner
    • embossed or non embossed
    • print registered
    • pre cut

The machine can easily and quickly be adapted to different product and production requirements. Pyxis is the ideal solution for companies that need to produce a varied range of luxury and promotional packaging.

Technical Data
Output    Up to 120 boxes/min
Shoulder box materials    Cardboard, metal, plastics
Shoulder box maximum dimensions:*   
Pack length    70-102 mm
Pack width    100 mm
Pack height    20 mm
Rod dimensions:*   
Cig length    69-100 mm
Cig diameter    5.4-8.2 mm
Rod collation:*    1-2 rows, 5-10 rods for each row
*other specifications on request