Creating special production lines with a high level of flexibility.

ITM is one of the few companies that develops and manufactures an integrated solution for cigarette making and packing. Having both the making and packing available from the same supplier allows for better integration. Also, since there is one supplier for the entire production line, ordering spare parts and receiving service becomes much more cost-effective.

ITM strives to optimize the quality of its production lines, in terms of product quality and uptime of the machines, at any production speed. As a partner for innovation, ITM is used to creating special production lines with a high level of flexibility. The option to quickly and smoothly change between different products has become an essential part of the design.

Through its expertise in all areas of the tobacco industry, ITM can offer sound advice on process solutions for virtually any type of customer.

ITM's Make-Pack machinery is a joint effort of three production sites: ITM Eindhoven delivers the cigarette making machines, ITM UK supplies rebuilt GD packers plus control and automation systems, and adds hinge-lid packers where required and IMAtec delivers some of our high quality upgrade kits. Close cooperation ensures optimal integration and allows ITM to function as a one-stop shop for its customers.