September 27 - 2017

Event Detergents of the Future extended

The event Detergents of the Future has been extended, due to its success. People interested in the possibilities of small dosed portions packed in PVOH can still sign up for this event at


During the first week of the event attendees were impressed by the equipment to make multi-compartment pouches – for liquids and powders - and the great varieties and flexibility a packing-platform as Doysis-M can handle. They spoke of ‘topnodge equipment’, ‘a highly useful platform for the industry’ and the ITMGroup ‘being visionary’.


Turn-key solution in detergent industry

With the event Detergents of the Future at the head office of ITMGroup in Kampen, ITMGroup shows the detergent industry the possibilities for a ‘turn-key’ solution in the process of producing pods, or pouches. 


Stay ahead of the competition

Since 2016 EME-Engel is part of the ITMGroup. Due to its expertise of making machinery for pouch making, it is a leading innovator in the detergent industry. This, combined with expertises of other ITMGroup company’s – like Tricas and TDC – ITMGroup has the knowledge to help homecare producers to stay ahead of the competition.


Pulliq-M: Ready for next generation PVOH pods

With Pulliq-M Eme-Engel has developed a modular machine which is ready for next generation PVOH pods. It gives the detergent industry new opportunities in product development.


Doysis-M: Endless variation in secondary packing solutions

ITMGroup makes it possible to purchase secondary and end-of-line packaging together with PVOH-pod making machinery. The Doysis-M platform can switch between different kinds of packaging quick and easy. Also is it possible to add new modules to the platform to respond quickly to changes in the market, and start packing in varieties which do not yet exist.


Product development goes hand-in-hand with machine development

Tricas can support the company’s by its product development. Tricas has the knowledge to introduce new techniques and new ways to handle a material, to create innovative products. As part of the ITMGroup the people of Tricas know what each machine is capable of.


Join the event Detergents of the Future

Anyone in the homecare and detergent industry is welcome at the event Detergents of the Future. Please register at and ITMGroup will contact you. Or watch the video to get a first impression.