Getting the right product to the right location at the right time

ITM is a leading supplier of rod handling systems, delivering anything from low-speed budget systems to highly innovative rod logistics. For cigarettes, these include mass-flow rod conveyors, FIFO buffers, tray fillers and unloaders. For filters, an extra option is available in the highly advanced filter shooting system.

All rod handling systems are designed with the preservation of rod quality as their highest priority. This has led to innovative technologies in gentle rod handling. Continuous monitoring and sampling options during transport (with automatic rod rejection) are part of the design. For filter handling systems, a minimum curing time between production and usage can be guaranteed. For cigarettes, an optimal buffering time is required. For any customer, an optimal solution can be delivered.

With today's diversification of tobacco products, brand changes have become more frequent. This calls for more reliability in getting the right product to the right location at the right time. ITM's rod handling and monitoring systems are designed to do just that. Loss of products due to inefficient brand changes is reduced to a minimum. The flexibility in the rod handling systems also reduces inefficiencies due to failing components blocking the entire production line. And with the monitoring and automatic rejection options, manual operation is minimized.