Sustainability at ITMGroup

All companies within the ITMGroup strive for sustainability. Choices made by ITMGroup adopt the needs of employees, stakeholders and the environment. All ITM Group companies participate in the ITM Group Environmental Sustainability Program. The primary goal of this program is to minimize the company's ecological footprint in all aspects and offering a healthy, inspiring and sustainable (working) climate to our employees and their environment.

Healthy and happy employees

With almost 1000 employees worldwide ITMGroup finds it important to offer a healthy and happy working environment. We make sure our working spaces are bright, clean and save. Also we offer possibilities for our employees to actively involve themselves in sustainable projects. For example, we placed beehives on the rooftop in Kampen and trained colleagues to become beekeepers. Also we invested in electrical cars and launched a 'bike to work project' which aims at a 30% increase of people biking to work instead of taking the car.

Corporate buildings: minimizing ecological footprint

ITM Group drastically reduced her overall energy consumption by investing in high-tech energy saving solutions for its company buildings (newly built and existing). In Poland we received a BREEAM EXCELLENT Certificate for the new office building. Some specific other initiatives are: central heat and cold generation by woodchip burners and geothermal heat pumps (Kampen, the Netherlands), air heat pumps with dry cooler system (lower CO2 emission), a solar panel park (production equivalent to about 60 households), isolation projects, the use of LED lights in several offices and water consumption reduction (drip irrigation of greenery).

Save, thrifty and environmentally friendly machinery

ITMGroup invests in new techniques to save energy in our machinery. ITMGroup won the NEVI MVI Award 2015-2016 by reducing compressed air in several machines by 40%.

External engagement

At ITMGroup we believe we have a social responsibility. We support goodwill causes and sponsor a variety of events and teams. For example, our employees actively helped out the Unica Foundation to support the country of Nepal with technical solutions. In Poland, we sponsored meals for children from dysfunctional families.