Investing in a sustainable future

At ITM we are committed to driving societal change and promoting environmental sustainability. The choices we make, are reflected in the needs of our employees, stakeholders and the environment. In addition, we invest in education, local social and cultural initiatives and environmental improvements. Every year our sites participate in and initiate a wide range of activities.

A selection of our projects

Patron of the International Composers Competition

ITM Poland is patron of the International Composers Competition, which held annualy in Radom, Poland. The Arboretum contest aims to bring together contemporary music and the audiences of regular Philharmonic concerts. Managing director Leszek Sikora of ITMPoland: “We take great pleasure in sponsoring consecutive editions of the Arboretum. Innovativeness, passion and creativity are the mottos of our company activities, and each day we all face challenges calling for broader horizons, different contexts and breaking patterns. We are convinced that innovative entrepreneurship and such events as the Arboretum will ensure that Radom will be recognized as the city of inspiration."

Storing electricity generated by solar panels

At the headquarters in Kampen, ITM is exploring a new way of storing electricity. Through the use of innovative HBr electricity storage, developed by Dutch company Elestor, ITM is able to store the electricity the 1700 solar panels on the roof are generating, every day. The battery was installed in spring 2018. Our aim with this installation is to prove that the technique works and is profitable at a large-scale production facility.

Running for MS Research

With the tremendous affords of our worldwide personnel, in 2018 we raised money for the research about the disease Multiple Scleroses (MS). 70 of our colleagues participated in the Zwolse Halve Marathon for this. Others sponsored and collected money. Our board doubled the amount money raised. Therefore Dutch skaters and Olympic medal winners, Ronald and Michel Mulder, were handed over a cheque of over 30 thousand euros.

Internships and in house minors

At all locations, ITM offers lots of possibilities for students to be trained. ITM also offers internships. Twice a year in Kampen, a group of students follows a full minor (bachelor), in Smart industry. 

Solar panels at home

Employees at ITM Eindhoven and ITM Kampen were offered a group discount on solar panels in their homes. Investing in solar panels is a sustainable solution for the environment, reduces electricity bills and offers more comfort in the home.

Beehives on the rooftop

At ITM Kampen beehives have been placed on the rooftop. Several employees have been trained to become beekeepers. Our goal is to support the bee population, as bees are crucial for the pollination of crops. And because bees are a endangered specie, support from humans is essential.

Learning on the job

In corporation with Dutch educational institutes ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC)  started a part-time course in Mechatronics for several employees, during working hours. Because mechatronics is of growing importance, ITM strives to enroll a group of employees every year for this course.