Tobacco-heating products in high volume

Tobacco-heating products are one of the most innovative solutions for producing less harmful tobacco products. The techniques and the products are still under development.

ITM develops modular machine platforms. This approach guarantees high flexibility. As a result, product changes can be made quickly, by using the same modular base of the platform.

Assemble multi-compartment products

Tobacco-heating products, also called heat-not-burn products, are mostly built from several components. Combining these components calls for high precision. ITM Poland was the first to automatically combine three components into one heat stick, with high precision.

Reclaiming of tobacco

Tobacco-heating products contain tobacco. Based on our tobacco reclaiming knowledge and expertise with combustible products, we were able to come up with a solution for reclaiming tobacco in line with the production of heat-not-burn sticks. This way none of the primary product is lost and material contamination is avoided.

Handling of the heat-not-burn sticks

ITM has a long history in developing logistics, such as mass conveyors, tray fillers, tray unloaders and storages. We have designed a unique way of first-in-first-out (FIFO) handling. With continuous monitoring and sampling options, combined with automatic rod rejection, we can guarantee hundred percent quality for all products passing through ITM's logistics systems.

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