Order spare parts and upgrades

ITM is keeping multiple extended spares at stock on three continents. Therefore we can ensure easy shipment and reduce transit times. Parts and upgrades can be ordered online, via Electronic Data Interchange, and by phone and e-mail.

Order spare parts and upgrades by e-mail

When in need for a part or upgrade, you can e-mail our after sales departments for TDC machines , ITM machines  and other OEM machinery. Original parts can be ordered for a guaranteed period of ten years. However, we ensure the availability of parts even after this period. With over 230 thousands different parts in our stock portfolio, almost every needed part will be available.

Order spare parts online

We supply all of our customers with a registration ID for the e-platform for ordering parts and upgrades. This gives immediately access to almost 230 thousand different parts. Via this e-platform you will get instant feedback on availability, price and lead-time for most parts. Not only for ITM machinery, but also for parts of other OEM-machinery. The ordering and delivery process is fully automated, without additional procedures or actions.

Order directly from your system

By using the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) application, you will reduce costs, increase processing speed, reduce mistakes and improve communication. Please contact your account manager for more information.

Upgrades to enhance production

ITM's upgrades can enhance investments, by improving processes, increasing efficiency or even by adapting a production line to a new product. Our upgrades will meet your needs and visions. 

Spare parts tested and inspected

All of our spare parts are carefully tested and regularly inspected. Our quality controllers do this according the most demanding standards.