Innovate with ITM

At ITM we are driven to enable our customers to be - and become - the leading innovators in their market. With our knowledge of machine technology and tobacco markets, we can be a valuable partner during product development.

As a family company we are looking for long-term relationships and are willing to invest in long-term opportunities.

Innovate in next generation platforms

Key in the tobacco industry are the developments in next generation products, like heat-not-burn and vapor products. Due to our way of working, we are able to contribute to the newest and best products, and packages, by developing next generation platforms.

Innovation centres in Poland and The Netherlands

For the benefit of our customers, ITM has created innovation centres at its sites in Kampen (The Netherlands) and Radom (Poland), and is founding father of the innovation hub Perron038 in Zwolle (The Netherlands). The goal of these innovation centres is to stimulate cross-over innovation. We are actively looking at technologies in other industries, to create groundbreaking innovations in tobacco industries.

Please contact our development sites, to support your innovation.