GTS/SCM for servicing the cigar industry

GTS/SCM supplies machinery and spare parts to the cigar industry in the Caribbean and Latin America. It is established in the Dominican Republic, the heart of the cigar industry.

It provides maintenance and services to the industry with an experienced team of well trained technicians. GTS/SCM also serves as the ITM Service Centre for Latin America.

Vast stock of used cigar machinery and spares

The more than 3000 square-meter GTS/SCM S.A. service centre holds a vast stock of used cigar machinery as well as spares to minimize delivery times to customers in the region. It has over 700 used cigar machines in stock and rebuilds cigar making and packing machine.

With over fifty people GTS/SCM is able to serve the ever growing cigar industry in the Dominican Republic with “as is”, functional overhauled or rebuilt machinery.

PMP Dominicana division

Since 2018 GTS/SCM has a special division to manufacture precision machine parts. This tooling division, called PMP Dominicana, supplies high quality machine parts to existing customers of ITM in the tobacco industy and to other companies in Latin America. PMP Dominicana houses state of the art turning and CNC milling machines.

GTS/SCM sa Calle Jacagua
Manzana K 4 Santiago
Dominican Republic
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