ITM Germany is based in Schwalmtal, near Monchengladbach and Dusseldorf: expert in control systems

ITM Germany: expert in control systems

As an internal supplier, the 35 employees of ITM Germany are developing and manufacturing the control systems for ITM’s innovative machine platforms. Our field service employees are traveling all around the world for installing, maintaining and upgrading the control systems at our customer’s sites.

Main characteristics of our control and automation systems are the use of free programmable standard components, the high quality level, innovative designs and user-friendly human-machine interfaces (HMI). We use the latest versions of the programming software for the sequence control, HMI screen diagnostics and any SCADA Management data and reporting systems.

Intuitively operating system

During the development of the HMI-base, ITM Germany applied knowledge available in different industries, for example on interaction design. Therefor we can guarantee that every operator can intuitively work with the HMI.

Designing and configuring every system

The base characteristics of every control system are the same. ITM Germany is designing and configuring the HMI for every machine platform, to work seamlessly with the electrical and mechanical components of the platform.

Monitoring for updates

Continuously we are monitoring if updates are needed. While servicing the control systems, we will update your installed base to newest configurations.

ITM Germany Amerner Strasse 51
41366 Schwalmtal-Waldniel