ITM Poland leads the way in technology

ITM Poland leads the way in technology

ITM Poland leads the way in technology for innovative tobacco products. At this location, we combine all our capabilities to deliver topnotch platforms for creating heat-not-burn sticks, filter combining, reclaiming equipment and logistics systems.

ITM Poland designs machine platforms by using the latest engineering and technical solutions. We carry out and implement industrial process control systems of the highest global standards. Many of our solutions are protected by patent applications and utility models.

Optimizing and testing

Apart from the development of new technology and building machines to optimize production, ITM Poland also focuses on making production lines more flexible. This helps customers reduce costs and still produce a wider variety of tobacco products and brands. A special test center for filter technology was created where new products can be thoroughly tested before taking them into production.

Established in Radom

ITM Poland Sp.z.oo was established in 1991 in Radom, with the purpose of designing and building new machine platforms. The company has grown to more than 400 employees today. 

ITM Poland ul. Stanikowskiego 2
26-600 Radom
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