High-volume assembling and filling platforms

TDC creates platforms for companies who need to stay ahead in their dynamic market. TDC’s platforms are designed to reach optimal customization in micro-assembling and filling delicate products.

Combining multiple activities on one TDC-platform will limit the human interactions needed and will give the highest output per square meter. TDC's platforms offer flexible packing solutions and cartridge assembling and filling options. 

Developing in co-creation with customers

We design, develop and manufacture these platforms in co-creation with our customers. In our innovation center we experiment with and discuss new developments, to improve our platforms and come up with new solutions. Our innovative approach towards managing smartly and cost-effectively, is built upon years of experience. Helping our customers leverage the latest technologies for maximum business effect, is the key.

Specialist in design, manufacturing and service

Employees dedicated to new developments have the drive to come up with new and better solutions, to keep our customers leading innovators. When dedicated to existing platforms, goal is to adjust existing platforms to the exact needs of each customer. In service we are focused on giving support, maintenance and upgrading the installed base.

Expanding in other industries

With our distinctive capabilities in weighing and dosing loose materials, at TDC we are expanding our activities into other industries. Our goal is to provide other industries with these high-end techniques we have successfully designed and developed for the tobacco industry.

TDC Constructieweg 45
8263 BC Kampen
The Netherlands
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