Technology for paper filters

Technology for paper filters
Technology for paper filters
Technology for paper filters
Technology for paper filters

Over the past 50 years, global production and consumption of plastics have significantly increased. The impacts of single-use and disposable items are growing each year and more plastic waste accumulates in the nature, including water reservoirs and oceans.

Cigarette butts are among the 10 single-use plastic products most often found on Europe’s beaches and in their seas.

Eco alternatives  

ITM is increasingly aware of the disastrous impact of plastic waste on the environment. This kind of pollution is a serious problem comparable to progressing global warming, creating challenge for all mankind and future generations. Therefore as the company we have the aspiration to offer to the tobacco industry “eco alternatives” to currently used filters and filter components.

Sustainable innovation 

Crimped paper technology is the latest innovation in the ITM filter making development. It is more efficient in terms of cost, comparing to acetate production. Paper filters can be produced from tissue, ecological or standard paper. It could be enriched with the charcoal or, in case of HNB/THP specifications, with different flavors and spray. The new machine concept also implies capsules insertion as well as production of filters with objects inside, according to individual specifications.

For details, please contact our sales team, who will present you the technology details. 

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