How ITM fights the Corona virus

March 25, 2020
How ITM fights the Corona virus

Since the Corona virus has been spreading at countries all over the world, ITM has taken extensive measures to prevent and slow down the growth of infections of COVID-19, in alignment with local governance.

Safety first

We give the highest priority to the safety of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers. We took following measures, until further notice:

  • We follow all directions given by national governments
  • We keep at least 1,5 meters distance and work in shifts
  • We clean our working environment after every shift
  • We stopped travelling and work from home, wherever possible
  • We only accept visitors without signs of infection since the last 14 days
  • We maximize online meetings via our representatives

So far, none of our employees are officially infected. We stand united in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, striving to protect our employees, serving our customers and supporting the communities in which we operate.

Worldwide Open Air project

The Open Air project is a worldwide initiative to work on medical devices and have a fast and easy solution that can be reproduced and assembled locally worldwide. Our R&D company Tricas has joined the Dutch Open Air team to find new solutions.

Partners of Open Air NL are multiple engineering/technical hubs and organizations in The Netherlands. Currently Open Air NL is working on:

  • A fast, replicable and automated breathing machine (
  • A CPAP breathing device based on a decathlon diving mask for temporally breathing
  • A home monitoring system for temperature, heart beat and oxygen levels to send measurements directly to a doctor or medical professional
  • An open source databank of replicable parts for use in healthcare organizations
  • Multiple goods for protection like face masks

Besides this project, we seek other ways to share our high tech expertise with organizations that need our help. 

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