ITM Delphini - a new era in tobacco reclaiming!

August 8, 2012
ITM Delphini - a new era in tobacco reclaiming!

International Tobacco Machinery (ITM) Group has applied its world leading experience to take tobacco reclaiming to the next level with the introduction of Delphini.
Nice shaped small device suitable to integrate to any cigarette maker and a guaranteed 95% recovery rate* for standard and special filter cigarettes, including capsule filters. These are only few features of ITM’s flexible on-line tobacco reclaimer.

*Recovery rate for King Size cigarettes

The answer to market demand

In order to cater to demands for savings in tobacco waste, ITM developed a versatile, portable on-line tobacco reclaimer. Delphini efficiently reclaims tobacco from ultra slim cigarettes to king size with mono, combined and even capsule filters with no risk of cross contamination of blends and brands. Moreover this new solution can guarantee a 95% recovery rate for king size cigarettes. It means far less waste, at the same time minimizing logistics and full control of the add-back process.

How does it work?

Delphini is a small, easy to use, plug-and-play solution for direct connection to any cigarette maker and reclaims tobacco from all cigarette types in a unique way.
A specially designed aligning system allows a linear arrangement of single cigarettes to be opened. 
The gentle cigarette opening mechanism prevents damaged filters which is essential for cigarettes with combined or capsule filters.

Due to the fluctuation of rejections, a key essential for on-line reclaiming is a stable and controlled return of tobacco to the cigarette maker. The Delphini can therefore be equipped with an intelligent, self-learning dosing system to provide an optimum add back of reclaimed tobacco and original properties of tobacco like structure, moisture and blend.

Delphini: small and smart.

Delphini is designed as a modular, portable unit with a small foot print. These qualities allow 
a single Delphini to be used on different cigarette makers in the factory. Not only does this process take just 15 minutes, the ergonomic modular construction also provides quick access to the sieve and perforating unit, which enables the operator to carry out brand changes or maintenance in minimal time.

International Tobacco Machinery, passion to serve

ITM has a long history of producing tobacco equipment to fulfil its customers’ highest needs and requests. The company’s openness to innovation and its intention to serve its customers in the best possible way, have led to several innovative concepts in the tobacco market. 
Delphini perfectly suits that profile. That is ITM: leading innovator with a passion to serve.

World premier of Delphini will be held at World Tobacco Asia 2012 exhibition in Jakarta on September 19th – 21st 2012.