ITMGroup strengthens portfolio with a new team member

May 25, 2016
ITMGroup strengthens portfolio with a new team member

ITMGroup is pleased to announce that they have added a new member to their portfolio. EME-Engel from Zaandam, the Netherlands, will be joining the ITMGroup to work together towards a sustainable future.

With over 75 years of experience, EME-Engel has proven itself to be a reliable partner in various technical disciplines. The company is specialized in liquid-pouch-packing, but also offers a broad spectrum of solutions, from concept to final design and production.

“For us it is a great opportunity to join forces with EME-Engel. It offers us the chance to work with technologies, which we can apply in the tobacco industry. It also gives us the opportunity to look how we can use our existing technologies into other industries than tobacco. This is an example of cross-over innovation on machine technology, just like we do with Tricas Industrial Design on product technology”, commented Jeroen Slobbe, director of ITMGroup.

Arie Bood, managing director of EME-Engel says: “For the company this means we have more opportunities to grow, also on a global scale. Being part of the ITMGroup family now, gives us the chance to discover new markets for ourselves and share our own expertise with our new colleagues. We are proud to be part of the ITMGroup and we are happy we found a partner that has the same values as we do.”

ITMGroup has production sites in the Netherlands, Poland, UK, Germany, Dominican Republic and Luxembourg as well as sales and service centres around the world. The company is able to supply technology to different market segments within the tobacco industry. ITM supplies the cigarette industry, while SCM and GTS-SCM serve the cigar industry; TDC focuses on MYO/RYO, Shisha dosing & packing and e-cigarettes. IMAtec, with its latest innovative RYO Multi-format Booklet solution delivers innovative and value-added solutions in OTP (Other Tobacco Products) Packing and Non-Tobacco Products. Gemba Solutions are the specialists in production efficiency software and services.

‘Leading innovator’ and ‘passion to serve’ are core values through which the ITMGroup successfully distinguishes itself in the market and the acquisition of EME-Engel is a further demonstration of this.