Placing tax stickers is no longer a problem with ITM’s tax sticker unit

August 7, 2018
Placing tax stickers is no longer a problem with ITM’s tax sticker unit

New legislation requirements in Ghana request the placement of a tax sticker on the lateral position of the cigarette pack. With the feature “laser perforating technology” on the Juno sticker unit, convenient easy-opening of the pack will be guaranteed. The tax sticker will get an on-line perforation aligned with the hinge of the pack.

Laser perforation technology 

The laser unit in Juno applies a perforation line in the tax sticker, precisely located on the separation line between the pack and the top opening part of the pack. This perforation ensures easily opening of the pack and breaks the stamp, without damaging the pack itself.

Servo driven ejector to guarantee quality

Packages without a sticker or perforation line are removed by a servo driven ejector at the end of the side belts. To ensure quality, an automated stop can be deployed in the platform when more than one sticker or perforation is not applied correctly.

Automatic bobbin change over for non-stop production

Juno is equipped with two self-adhesive sticker applicators. This enables non-stop production. When one unit is running, the other bobbin can be loaded. The switch between both bobbins, is fully automated. Changing a bobbin takes 2 to 3 minutes.

Infeed orientation of the package

From the refeed tower, the orientation device makes sure every package is entering the label unit in the right direction, so the sticker will be applied on the correct lateral side.