New machines for PMP Dominicana. Employees trained in Kampen.

July 16, 2018
New machines for PMP Dominicana. Employees trained in Kampen.

For a period of two weeks, Wilson Antonio Matiás, Hinault Acosta Francisco and José Arturo Santana Vargas came from Santiago, Dominican Republic to Kampen, the Netherlands. They were trained to operate the machines that are going to be shipped to the new GTS/SCM division PMP Dominicana.

Twelve to fifteen machines will soon be transported from a Kampen company, to PMP Dominicana. “They are as new,” says Jose Vargas. 

All parts made in Dominican Republic

“Once the new machines are installed at PMP Dominicana, we can make all machine parts for GTS/SCM ourselves. Absolutely.” Before GTS/SCM started the PMP division, many parts needed to be shipped from Europe. “This will add a lot of value to our processes.”

PMP Dominicana started this February, with four machines and six employees. “Those machines are already booked solid, just for making parts for the cigar machines of GTS/SCM.”

Great machines with many possibilities

With the new machines, employees of PMP Dominicana will be able to do some grinding, welding, cutting, milling and bending. “Especially the bending machine is wonderful. It has various dies, so it will offer us many possibilities. And all the machines are looking great from the safety perspective.”

Sharing and trusting

In two weeks, the mechanical engineers have learned a lot about the machines and were also inspired by the way of working. “There is a lot of trust between colleagues and between employees and management, in Kampen. People are willing to share their knowledge and feel free to make suggestions.”

Front-runner in parts

They have been sharing all the knowledge they have learned with their colleagues at PMP Dominicana and GTS/SCM. With the new machines, Jose, Wilson and Hinault expect PMP Dominicana to be a front-runner in tooling in Dominican Republic. “As part of ITM, it is not only the making process we focus on, but also the quality control of the mechanical parts.”