Ceres: tax stamp module with optimal flexibility

Flexible tax stamper Ceres
Flexible tax stamper Ceres
Flexible tax stamper Ceres
Flexible tax stamper Ceres

With different regulations in different parts of the world, the need for a flexible solution in relocating stamps on cigarette packages is increasing. Ceres enables a flexible solution in placing the stamp everywhere on the lateral side of the package.

Even folding around the top or the sides is possible.

Integrate tax stamp module in existing production line

Ceres can be integrated in an existing production line. The platform is turning the package in the right direction and is placing the stamp exactly on the spot.

Fold tax stamp around the corner

The technique enables to fold the stamp around the corners, without the limitation of a minimum overlap. This can be done from side to top or bottom, but also from side to front and/or back of the package.

Adjust place of tax stamp

Ceres is easily to program for adjusting the positioning of the stamp. Therefore it is possible to switch back and forward between different stamp locations, to meet – for example – EU TPD II regulations and optimize the possibilities for placing branding on the cigarette package.

Technical data
EU TPD II ready
Fully flexible stamp positioning
Easy to swap between traditional and TPD stamp position, fast integration with minimum downtime
One technology for multiple packing platforms