FTF: tray filler

Flexible tray filling machine FTF Super Flex
Flexible tray filling machine FTF Super Flex

FTF Tray Filler has been designed to fill trays with no influence on smoothness of production on the maker and causing no damage to the cigarettes or filter rods. All standard trays can be used on the machine. The product can be fed to filler from either the left-hand side or the right-hand side and from required distance. FTF is recommended as for single operation as well as for ITM Flexilink configurations. The machine complies with European safety legislation, CE.

Adjustable to needed speed

Reduced product degradation in FTF is achieved by specially designed PID function and radial conveyors. The frequency controlling of the electric motors provide gently cigarette or filter rods handling. The machine automatically adjusts its speed to the capacity of the maker.

Full trays are taken care of

ITM FTF has got a rotating turret elevator. It can deliver a full tray to required position around the elevator. With the 2 shelves tray elevator can pick up 5 trays a minute. The operator doesn’t have to take away full trays continuously. The full tray may be left in the tray magazine until it is almost full.

Machine can be connected to all types of cigarettes or filter rods makers.

Technical data
Working capacity
up to 16.000 cigarettes or filter rods/min
Cycles per minute
4 cycles
Range of cigarette (filter rods) length
60 – 150 mm
Range of cigarette (filter rods) diameter
5,2 – 9 mm