Pulsar: buffering filter rods

Filter rod buffering machine Pulsar
Filter rod buffering machine Pulsar
Filter rod buffering machine Pulsar
Filter rod buffering machine Pulsar

ITM’s Pulsar is the variable capacity filter rod buffer, which permits continuous operation of a machine in a production-transfer line. It is designed to supply any type of filter rods at a uniform rate to a receiving machine as well as to minimize and optimize the operator's work by enabling fast filling of the buffer. The product can be fed to the machine manually or automatically from trays, cardboard boxes or directly form filter maker.

A fast working reservoir

By filling and emptying the reservoir, the ITM’s Pulsar compensates for the unequal speed of work of machines in a technological line and guarantees in this way their optimal performance. ITM’s Pulsar machine works in the FIFO (First in - First out) principle: the product that is the first to enter the rod reservoir is also the first to leave it. This mode ensures the shortest possible buffer time of individual filter rods. The number of filter rods that can be stored in the machine determines its capacity which in the case of the Pulsar machine is variable.

The stored product does not undergo any technological processes.

Technical data
Adjustable to upstream and downstream machines
Tray/cardboard box unloading speed
3 trays/cardboard boxes per minute
Total capacity (for filter rods with Ø 7,72 mm)
41.000 filter rods
Product type
Product range
Length: 78 - 150 mm / diameter: 5,2 - 9 mm