Social company IMpact benefits from development capability ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC)

December 13, 2018
Social company IMpact benefits from development capability ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC)

By designing and developing an automated cap-closing machine, TDC (part of ITMGroup) is supporting the profitability of social company IMpact, in Kampen (The Netherlands). On December 13, the machine is officially taken to use by the employees of IMpact.

Employees of IMpact are mostly people who have a hard time finding a job at a regular company, for example because of a disability or mental reasons. Working with a semi-automatic system as employees of TDC have developed, will support them to be able to start working at a commercial company. In addition, the cap-closing machine is also increasing the production quality and quantity, which makes it easier for IMpact to fulfill requests from the market.

Perfect example of strengthening each other

According to IMpact-director Rob Rikmanspoel, this cap-closing machine shows how regional companies and IMpact successfully can respond to social changes, together. “We are aiming to guide as much people as possible to a regular job at a regular company. By training our people in working with automated solutions, we can bring more skilled people to the companies in our region.”

New technology in shielded environment

IMpact is actively searching for implementing new technology in their shielded environment. Connecting with TDC, as a high-tech machine-developer, was a logical step. When employees of TDC saw how much effort the IMpact-employees had to take to close the caps manually, they worked fast on developing a mechanic solution for this task. TDC-employees all did this on a voluntary basis.

Need for modesty stimulates creativity employees

ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC) operational manager Rolf Dekker: “Main challenge was to keep the solution as modest as possible. Our employees are trained in designing the most high-tech solutions, for customers who are expecting state-of-the art solutions. In this case, the solution had to be down to earth. It had to be an affordable solution for IMpact and its employees needed to sustain their added value in the process. Because of these out of the ordinary starting points, we had to look at our job in a different way. It stimulated our creativity. We are experiencing the benefits of this in our daily assignments, today.

High-end knowledge ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC) valuable for social companies

Rikmanspoel: “The knowledge companies as ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC) have, is very valuable to us. Working with technical solutions is beneficial to our employees. People with disabilities are having a hard time to get a job. Making activities in our shielded environment equal to jobs at companies in our region, will help them to get a long-time employment with a regular company.”

About IMpact

IMpact is the social company for the region Kampen. Its task is to guide and to prepare people to and for a job who cannot do this by themselves. For example because they have a disability.