Introduction new employees ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC)

October 11, 2018
Introduction new employees ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC)

With a visit to the crafting cigar factory De Olifant and a boat trip on the IJssel river in Kampen, newest employees of ITM Kampen (SCM/TDC) have been officially welcomed in the company. During the program they learned about the history and the future of the company.

At De Olifant the new employees got a glimpse of the start of the company. Over hundred years ago, the introduction of machinery in cigar making industry, was the foundation for the high-end innovative machine developing company ITM is today.

Excel at ITM

During the boat trip, managing director Jeroen Slobbe shared how he started at the company and how he got the change to develop himself. “Since, the company has grown tremendously. Trick is to keep the informality of the beginning, but also build a structure where old and new employees can excel.”

Reach your full potential

Jeroen emphasized he wants all employees to work with the company, with lots of joy. “I want you to be the best in your field of expertise. Keep learning and developing yourself, so you will reach your full potential.”