ITM Gemini's secret for success - compartment trays

October 26, 2012
ITM Gemini's secret for success - compartment trays

Rapid developments, improvements and changes within cigarette filter making technologies raise the bar higher and higher. The number of variations in size, type and volumes often produced at a single facility, have now made Filter logistics a very important part of the cigarette manufacturing process. International Tobacco Machinery (ITM) is, as always, there to provide the ultimate solution.

ITM’s Gemini, filter distribution system in combination with high-bay storage, is already well recognized and valued within the industry. It is the only fully automated system currently on the market representing peak utilization and efficiency, coupled with maximum flexibility.  Competitors try their best to equal the claims but the novel ITM use of the benefits of compartment trays in the Gemini solution makes all the difference. 
“After years of testing and cooperation with experts within the industry, we finally eliminated crossed filters typical with all previous tray type systems. This means that a fully automated filter storage and distribution system has become a reality today, where standard tray systems fail and will continue to fail in achieving the same results.” – says Ludwik Matusiak, ITM’s expert in Rod Handling.

Perfect alignment of any length of filter (84-144mm) in a single sized tray makes the process as smooth and simple as possible, minimizing jammed filters during the tray relocation, loading and unloading process, and eliminating common production stoppages seen with standard conventional trays. Moreover filter quality is maintained and assured during the complete storage and logistics process.

There is also another point to note, Gemini enables 100% traceability with the highest, industrially proven efficiency rate of 99,8% without compromising on product quality. Each of the compartment trays in a system is provided with an RFID tag, storing and providing data on the product inside the tray. This allows not only full tracking and tracing, which enables the filters 
to be available on demand at any time, but also checking that the right product is delivered at the right time, which is so important in today’s demanding environment.

Gemini is well known within Europe, Russia and Asia and our clients are very impressed by its operation and appearance. It permits maximum production and utilization potential of even the highest speed filter makers available today, minimizing errors, eliminating potential costly human mistakes and enabling quick brand changes without crossed filters. All these requirements are 
of great importance for all customers. And all of this from a fully automated system unknown until today”, says Terry Lock, ITM Asia office Director.

Compartment trays, a simple but very innovative solution, have turned out to be the secret 
of success for ITM’s Gemini filter logistics and storage system. The elimination of crossed filters has proved Gemini to be the only fully automated system.