ITM Launches parts Webshop

January 21, 2014

ITM webshop: ordering spares the easy way

Ordering spares can become a hassle when a client is in a different time zone and the client’s purchaser does not know whether parts are in stock until he receives an answer the next business day. With the new webshop, which gives access to 100.000 parts for tobacco machinery of various origin and generation, ordering spares from ITM has become easier and more efficient. The webshop is open 24/7 and gives immediate feedback on availability of spares and expected lead times. The webshop offers a very user-friendly method of finding the required spares, ordering them and tracking the order status. The webshop was launched and demonstrated during the Open House event that was organized at ITM Poland on May 17-27th 2010.

Efficient search methods

The webshop offers an efficient way of finding spares. The purchaser can search on the ITM part number, an OEM number, a part name or a manufacturer name, and any combination of these. Wildcards can be used in any of the fields. In certain cases, images of the parts are shown to remove any ambiguity.
Even more importantly, the availability of each found item is shown immediately, together with its price and lead time. One click places the found items in the shopping cart. For many machines, predefined “quicklists” are available, which contain the spares that are recommended by ITM. Simply choose the “quicklist” for the required machine type and place all items in the shopping basket at once. Purchaser can still deselect individual spares from the list or add other spares before placing the order.

Automatic order processing and tracking

ITM’s webshop is linked to ITM’s service department ERP system BaaN. This means that, as soon as the order is placed, the order processing is started automatically. Without human intervention, the required steps are taken to initiate the collecting and shipping of the ordered spares. Internal order tracking is done fully automatic. In principle, parts are collected from the various warehouses in the ITM group and shipped to the customer in one assignment. It is possible to request partial shipments depending on the availability of parts and their respective lead times.

Customer-specific lists, notes and settings 

Client enters the ITM webshop by giving his relation ID,  client’s unique contact ID and password. The relation ID is the same for all contacts in the same company. Once the purchaser has logged in, he  can track the status of orders or view past orders up to one year before. Past orders can be used as “quicklists” to reorder the same set of spares. Also, personalized “quicklists” can be stored to make ordering of a customer-specific set of spares easier and faster. Another interesting option is the possibility to include personalized notes to items in the parts catalog, which will be visible for all contacts of the same relation. Notes may for instance be used to remind the contact that certain spares must always be ordered together.


With ITM’s new webshop, ordering spares has become faster, easier and more robust. Most important of all, the webshop is always open and gives immediate feedback on the availability and leadtime of ITM's spare parts.

The link to the webshop is :

To control the use of the webshop access can only be via a log-in procedure and CONTACT ID -  PASSWORD can be obtained via [email protected]