ITMGroup Vapemania

October 15, 2014
ITMGroup Vapemania

Hello Future!

With TDC’s new E-cigs automation platform ITMGroup launched the first fully integrated, modular e-cigarette automation solution in the world. 

Around the theme 'e-cigarettes: Hands off!' a spectacular presentation was prepared. During its  "Vapemania event" from September 15th until November 4th, the visitors were able to witness the precision and performance of the machinery live.  Also, they got a view on how the company sees automated solutions for the e-cigarette industry in the future.

The e-cigarette machine generated much enthusiasm at the company headquarters in Kampen, the Netherlands.
In our Research & Development departments, we are working on solutions of the future," said Managing Director Jeroen Slobbe, explaining the innovative orientation of the company. "During our visit at several factories in China we noticed only assembly of e-cigs by hand! Automation is often very limited and if any, not meeting the standards we are used to in the tobacco industry. 
We saw an opportunity to step in this new tobacco linked segment, but faced quite some hurdles. An electronic cigarette lacks any product specification and quality standards. Upcoming and future regulation limits market penetration while changing smoking habits within the segment requires constant attention as well."

Slobbe continues: "Despite these short comings and thanks to our unique approach to research and development we were able to successfully design and manufacture the First, Fully Integrated, Modular e-cig automation solution in the world. A platform not only capable to produce the current generation of ecig products but also ready for Next Generation Products".

The world-leading technology of the presented machine technology and the future vision on development has impressed the company’s current and potential clients. Wieger Knobbe, event manager of TDC's Vapemania said: "Originally we scheduled  two and a half  weeks for this event, but more visitors signed in and attended the Vapemania with new groups of people. So we had to extend with three more weeks! We have never before experienced such an enthusiasm and positive feedback for a machine introduction."

The multi-functional modular system defines a new standard in automation technology, both as a stand-alone machine solution for partly assembly or as fully automated production line for e-cigarettes.

Jeroen Slobbe said:  “We created our own second generation e-cigarette. Not with the intention of selling the product, but because we wanted to show and proof the concept of fully automated production processes.

During the event, we were invited into several discussions to improve or adapt the current designs of e-cig products of our customers in order to produce them on our new machine platform.”
He continues: "It is TDC's vision to pursue a kind of open source, platform-based strategy for e-cigs. We want to be able to support our customers from the research and development phase of the product, to the production and delivery of total turn-key projects.
Our people and partner companies are, above all, "creators of ideas", each working in its specialized department, studying process improvements, new materials, new technologies, new products and bearing always in mind improving our customers satisfaction as their primary objective.

The ITMGroup has become one of the leading innovators and suppliers of technology for the tobacco industry. Together with the Solaris, ITM's multi-segment in-line technology, they now offer a complete portfolio of solutions for Risk Reduced Products (RRP).

ITMGroup consists of different companies that are able to supply technology to different markets within the tobacco industry. ITM supplies the cigarette industry, while SCM and GTS-SCM service the cigar-industry and where TDC takes care of the world of MYO/RYO, Shisha dosing & packing and e-cigarettes.
IMAtec, our latest addition to the group, delivers innovative and value added solutions in OTP (Other Tobacco Products) Packing and Non Tobacco Products.

ITMGroup has production sites in the Netherlands, Poland, Britain, Germany, the Dominican Republic, and Luxembourg, and sales and service centre’s around the world.  
ITMGroup offers original spare parts, technical knowhow and measurement tools, all in order to enhance or refine existing equipment. 

‘Leading innovator’ and ‘passion to serve’ are core values by which the ITMGroup successfully distinguishes itself in the market.