ITM Poland patron International Composers Competition Arboretum

November 17, 2017
ITM Poland patron International Composers Competition Arboretum

International composers of contemporary music have competed in the Arboretum contest in Radom, Poland. ITM Poland sponsored and supported the organization of this event.

Wojciech Kostrzewa, with his composition “Novelette”, received the first price of the jury and won as well the audience award. Second price went to Gianluca Castelli (Much Madness/Four haunting delusions). Andrea Porter (Dragon-fly Emblem) received third price, after the six best pieces of the competition were performed for a live audience on the special Gala by the Radomska Orkiestra on November 21th, 2017.

Audience participation

Arboretum project was realized also thanks to the financial assistance of the City of Radom. The media patronage was provided by Program 2 of Polish Radio. The aim of the competition is to bring together contemporary music and the audience of regular philharmonic concerts. The competitions that are normally carried out do not take into account the audience participation during the final selection of the winners.

City of inspiration

Managing director Leszek Sikora of ITMPoland: “We take great pleasure in sponsoring consecutive editions of Arboretum. Innovativeness, passion and creativity are the mottos of our company activities, and each day we all face challenges calling for broader horizons, different contexts and breaking patterns. Art is an unlimited source of inspiration for our senses and intellect; it is also the driving force behind our perception of the surrounding world. It opens the mind, spurs dialogue and is a catalyst for creative and inexhaustible discussions. Not only does the close relationship between art, modernity and technology satisfy curiosity, it also arouses it. We are convinced that innovative entrepreneurship and such events as Arboretum will ensure that Radom will be recognized as the city of inspiration. We are looking forward to the next edition!”