ITMGroup proud about nomination Cross-over Challenge Region Zwolle

November 16, 2017
ITMGroup proud about nomination Cross-over Challenge Region Zwolle

ITMGroup is proud it has been nominated for the Cross-Over Innovation Challenge 2017. Innovation centre Kennispoort Regio Zwolle noticed how our companies TDC, EME-Engel and Tricas are bundling their knowledge and capabilities to become world leader in the detergents industry. ITMGroup is congratulating Cloud Garden with winning the Cross-Over Innovation Award.

Nominated for creativity, passion and perseverance

According to the jury all three nominated companies showed exceptional creativity, passion, cooperation and perseverance. ITMGroup was granted the nomination for the application of technology and knowledge from the tobacco industry to another industry. As a result, a small player like Eme-Engel is now considered as a valuable supplier by detergent multinationals. EME-Engel's innovative PVOH-pouching technology is indispensable. Due to the fact that TDC could add packaging technology, ITMGroup is now the first turnkey supplier in the detergent industry. Tricas facilitates support by developing new, better and saver water soluble pouches. 

Innovation is key to future success

At ITMGroup we believe this is the first step in diversification. With the pouching technology of EME-Engel ITMGroup sees opportunities in other industries. Being innovative helps us in the tobacco market as well. Tricas has already proven to be a valuable partner when it comes to developing next generation products. By working together with the companies of ITMGroup and our customers, we keep on building great solutions.

Watch the nomination video of ITMGroup (in Dutch)