NEW ITM Ceres tax stamp module

August 25, 2015
NEW ITM Ceres tax stamp module

NEW ITM Ceres tax stamp module

The EU TPD II is almost here. Within several months new legislation demands health warnings covering 65% of the front and back panel of the pack. 
Although the exemption period provides an escape for three years to relocate the stamp position, it is not allowed to use the space above the health warnings for branding or other advertisement. 
By May 2019 the tax stamp has to be relocated on both Hard box and Soft pack.
ITM’s latest development ’Ceres’ not only takes on this challenge, but goes further than that. By not interfering with the existing stamper, it enables you to swap back and forward between 
the traditional- and the new TPD stamp position.
ITM Ceres in short:

  • EU TPD II ready
  • Full flexible stamp positioning
  • Easy to swap between traditional- and TPD stamp position
  • Fast integration with minimum downtime
  • One technology for multiple packing platforms


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ITMGroup consists of different companies that are able to supply technology to different markets within the tobacco industry. ITM supplies the cigarette industry, while SCM and GTS-SCM service the cigar-industry and where TDC takes care of the world of MYO/RYO, Shisha dosing & packing and e-cigarettes.
IMAtec, delivers innovative and value added solutions in OTP (Other Tobacco Products) Packing and Non Tobacco Products.

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