TDC’s Genesis wins Golden Leaf Award 2015!

September 17, 2015
TDC’s Genesis wins Golden Leaf Award 2015!

The ECig automation solution from TDC, the Genesis, has won the prestigious “Golden Leaf Award 2015”. In the category for most promising new product introduction, the Genesis has been chosen by a jury to be the best initiative. The Golden Leaf Award was received at the GTNF 2015 in Bologna at September 16th, by Managing Director of TDC Jeroen Slobbe.

Slobbe says: “It is great to be rewarded for our innovation efforts. We think the ECig industry needs automation & quality control and we were the first ones to come up with the solution. 

Together with our Tricas facility (industrial design engineers) we are able to help our customers from complicated multi-phased projects to simple product concepts. This way, new machine modules can be specifically designed /extended for the new products on the market.  It is exciting that the jury acknowledges our unique approach and decided that the introduction of our innovative solution was the best what happened in the ECig market.”

For more information on the Genesis machinery from TDC, please visit the online platform or the ITMGroup website.

The ITMGroup has become one of the leading innovators and suppliers of technology for the tobacco industry. Together with the Solaris, ITM's multi-filter combiner, we now offer a complete portfolio of solutions for Risk Reduced Products (RRP).

ITMGroup consists of different companies that are able to supply technology to different markets within the tobacco industry. ITM supplies the cigarette industry, while SCM and GTS-SCM service the cigar-industry and where TDC takes care of the world of MYO/RYO, Shisha dosing & packing and e-cigarettes.
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