OTP Center BAT Pecs powered by TDC

November 17, 2011

Recently British American Tobacco (BAT) Pecs has opened their OTP Centre the service the east European markets. The complete OTP centre is powered by TDC. TDC installed ISIS 120FF pouch packing line and a turnkey bag line for volume packing. 

The ISIS 120FF pouch packing line

TDC has installed the ISIS 120FF pouch packing line. This makes the BAT OTP Center flexible to produce a viarity of different style pouches, the market request. The ISIS 120(FF) pouch packer marks the latest technical innovation of pouch packers. It is a high-speed variant of our reliable FPP211S flexible pouch packer. On the 120 FF-series wrap around pouches as well as side-gusset, pouches can be filled and packed. If desired additional custom modules are applied, to customize products and to meet our customer’s requirements. The full line (IBIS, ISIS, and ANUBIS) weighs, packs and bundles the tobacco into a variety of pouches, at speeds up to 140 pouches per min. The modular and cam driven design benefits stability, control, and accuracy, giving the operators and mechanics more space for day-to-day routine and maintenance.

The bag line

Together with the ISIS pouch, packing line TDC has installed a turnkey bag line for BAT’s volume packing requirements. The bag line presents loose tobacco in volume packs with central automatic dosing. TDC is able to customize the line for customers to meet all their requirements, including the end of line equipment, making it a complete turnkey solution. TDC has various volume packing options as well as different speed choices. The BAT OTP centre is again proof of the stable, variety and flexible solutions TDC can supply.

For more information, please contact TDC.