Filter of Tomorrow Event at ITM Asia leads to new partnerships and developments

December 23, 2011

High technological standard

Following the successful Filter of Tomorrow event held in Poland in 2010, ITM took the decision to extend this theme to Asia with a smaller event at its new service centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
There, in the presence of new and existing customers and agents, ITM presented the latest developments in filter technology and logistics. Feedback has been positive and visitors were impressed by ITM’s high technological standard and the professional Asia Service Centre with skilled local personnel showing cooperation between European and Asian service teams. Only a month later ITM is already discussing new partnerships in the development of further technical requirements for the rapidly changing tobacco industry.

Professional support

During inspiring one day events from 17th to 21stOctober, ITM introduced its professional regional service and support operation and entire filter production cycle portfolio. By doing so, ITM not only revealed its commitment to the dynamic Asian market for filter technology and tobacco industry but offered visitors also a look into the future.

Guests were presented with Polaris C, ITM’s Gemini and finally, to experience the most versatile and flexible multi-segment filter combiner in the world: the Solaris.

Polaris C is a versatile filter rod maker with a clean and precise application system for different granules, powder or fibrous additives. The machine is designed not only to produce special filters, but it can also be quickly adapted to enable the production of mono acetate filters. Conversion kits permit fast diameter changes and in its standard format can produce diameters previously determined as specials.

Gemini is the world’s first and only industrial proven, fully automatic filter storage and just-in-time distribution system using compartment trays and mass flow handling. The complete system can receive, store and distribute filters with 100% traceability and flexibility at the highest speed and maximum efficiency essential for today’s needs. Compartment tray technology guarantees gentle handling without compromising product quality, especially important for combined filters.

Solaris is the most flexible filter combiner available today, producing the largest possible variety of filter configurations with high precision and fast conversion. No suction is used during the transport of segments permitting a wide variety of types to be processed including highly porous, non-wrapped, high and low density materials even hollow elements can be handled. During the event visitors could witness what means real flexibility in filter combining and learn how fast and easy size changes can be.

“The Filter of Tomorrow event here showcased Solaris, its first presence in Asia”, says Terry Lock, Managing Director of ITM Asia. “The Solaris impressed, for it is the first machine to accommodate three main industry requirements that could not previously be fulfilled: flexibility in filter material handling, quick and safe change of filter types and the placing of very small plugs within the combined filter. Visitors also had the opportunity to meet some of the highly trained ITM Asia service engineers who were responsible for the operation and presenting of Solaris during the event.”

Innovative partner 

Other solutions such as the Polaris C and Gemini were also praised, just like the Asia Service Centre itself.  “In every way, the Filter of Tomorrow Asia was a success”, says Lock. “Since the event, we have been contacted by several parties to discuss new adjustments and solutions for future market requirements. To ITM, the Filter of Tomorrow is just the beginning. We have a firm reputation to act as an innovative partner to the tobacco industry. And we will continue doing so. “

ITM offers extendable filter making machines with unique capabilities that accommodate industry requirements that could not be fulfilled before. With the Asia Service Centre in Malaysia, ITM has brought to the region the highest level of service, maintenance and after sales, taking down barriers such as time zones, logistics, lingual and cultural differences and unnecessary costs.
ITM is one of World’s leading suppliers of tobacco machinery with a long history of producing tobacco equipment to fulfil its highest customers’ needs. With ITM Asia, ITM has settled permanently in the East. Due to the company’s openness to innovation and its anticipating sensitivity to the needs of rapid changing markets, ITM continues to offer technological, highly advanced solutions for the tobacco industry.

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