Delphi: reclaim tobacco at its best quality

Tobacco reclaiming machine Delphi
Tobacco reclaiming machine Delphi
Tobacco reclaiming machine Delphi
Tobacco reclaiming machine Delphi

Delphi is a compact reclaiming system recovering tobacco from rejected cigarettes during production of the product.

Delphi reclaims with highest efficiency and delivering the best quality product, back in the primary production process.

Recovered tobacco directly back in production process

Delphi employs an absolutely dry reclaiming process. This means that the recovered tobacco can be added directly as add back for cigarette production. Delphi is equipped with a specially designed linear cigarette aligning system, which minimizes cigarette flow stoppage. A special sieve separates the initial product from the loose tobacco particles. The proven method of Delphi guarantees a minimum 95 percent recovery rate.  The tobacco maintains its original properties as it is reclaimed.

Reclaiming tobacco from filter cigarettes

The tobacco is reclaimed without opening the filter, essential for cigarettes with combined or capsule filters. It ensures no foreign material contamination in the recovered tobacco and resulting in better final product quality.

Easy to operate and maintain

Delphi is ready to connect to either a central or local dust extraction system that keeps the machine clean internally, prevents external dust emission and in particular removes any dust and small paper particles from the transfer points. Low noise and overall tidiness allows placing it in any suitable space in the factory, including the cigarette manufacturing area.

Versatile and flexible

Delphi has been designed to reclaim tobacco from a broad variety of cigarette and filter types.