Delphi 2: Next generation reclaiming solution

Delphi 2: Next generation reclaiming solution
Delphi 2: Next generation reclaiming solution

New modern construction built on well-known principles

This technology can retrieve tobacco from all available tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars and even special-purpose tobacco rods typical of today’s new generation products.

Advanced filter technology is causing the reclaiming process to focus on new aspects of cigarette components requiring more and more complex approaches. To fulfill new and demanding expectations, ITM has introduced the supreme solution for waste reclaiming; Delphi 2.

Novel construction

A patented aligning system and a very gentle opening process within the opener unit provides a process combination ready not only for currently available cigarettes, but also for new generation products.

Effective and efficient

The innovative design of Delphi 2 ensures that no filter plug components are released during the reclaim process, preventing possible contamination of the recovered tobacco. Functional flexible solutions provide a wider size range of processed cigarettes with improved recovery rates.


Intuitive control systems via HMI help and support the operator during brand changes. Now all process parameters are set automatically including the position of knives on the X and Y axis.

The Delphi 2 system is ready for further extension to include charcoal cleaning, visual sorting, paper and plug briquetting and metal detection/rejection, which can now be integrated onto the feeder.

Ergonomic design

An operator-oriented machine design offers improved and easier access for cleaning and maintenance. 

New on Delphi 2: 

  •  Ready for all formats without comprise 
  •  Supreme gentle reclaiming process 
  •  Saving best fraction with minimum contamination
  •  Optimized maintenance and operation cost
  •  Complete automatic product adjustment
  •  Modular construction for future adaptation