Pyxis shoulder box packer

Pyxis shoulder box packer
Pyxis shoulder box packer
Pyxis shoulder box packer

Pyxis is a versatile shoulder box-packing machine. It can pack rod type products like cigarettes, cigarillo’s or small cigars. Pyxis collates wraps and places the products into preformed cardboard or plastic shoulder boxes or tins.

The adaptability of Pyxis makes it the ideal solution for companies wishing to produce varied styles of luxury and promotional packaging.

Options of Pyxis to match product requirements

Pyxis enables the use of different inner liners, like printed-paper, pre-shaped paper and embossed foil. When size changing is required, the machine’s size dependent parts can be adjusted without difficulty. This results in less down time. In addition, Pyxis offers a wide range of options to accommodate your product and production requirements.

Pyxis is user friendly for operators

The Pyxis is genuinely user friendly and reduces operator interventions to the minimum. Instead of feeding boxes by hand, boxes are loaded automatically. In addition, all the sections where packing material could run out, detection devices are installed so that the operator knows well in advance when to stock the system with materials. Via the multi-language touch screen panel has instant access to this information.

Controlling product quality on Pyxis

In order to control and ensure the quality of the end-product, Pyxis possesses a wide scope of instruments to measure, for example if the boxes are opened properly, contain the right quality and amount of cigarettes and if the inner liner is positioned correctly. When any of these product quality requirements are not met during the packing process, the single product will be ejected automatically.

Technical data
Up to 120 boxes/minute
Shoulder box materials
Cardboard, metal, plastics
Shoulder box maximum dimensions
Pack length: 70-102 mm | Pack width: 100 mm | Pack height: 20 mm
Rod dimensions
length: 69-100 mm | diameter: 5.4-8.2 mm
Options available (f.e.)
Optical soft end detection; Laser check for special shaped filters; Print registered inner-liner from reel or Pre-Cut Inner Liners; Bögli three roller embossing head with quick change cassette; Coupon feed inserter, (Laser) Code dating; Advanced Camera Checking System.